Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ellsworth as a middle name

Today I was talking with someone who loves to research in Loudoun County, Virginia. A place that I love also. She asked me about the surname Ellsworth. Evidently she has several folk in and from that area that have the middle name of Ellsworth. Only problem is that Ellsworth is not a Loudoun County surname, at least not about 1860, which is just before these kids are being born.

And could I explain it? She has surnames like Frye in her family. And that is generally a northern Loudoun, Lovettsville kind of surname. German Settlement, Union sympathizer kind of surname, usually. So I asked and her people were those type of Loudoun folk. The kind that spent as much time in Ohio as they did Loudoun during the war (a trait of Germans and Quakers of the area).

I knew why immediately.

The answer: Elmer Ephriam Ellsworth.

Is that your answer?

If you wiki him you will see why I think this is the answer.