Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Private corporation pension records

In a nutshell, I have a question for you on historic pension records for genealogy research. Specifically corporate pension records.  By way of background, I'm a librarian not a genealogist.  However, I did work for a time at a private-sector financial services firm that handled company pensions.  (For instance, AT&T -- one of their clients -- has provided employee pensions longer than Social Security has existed.) 
My question specifically is do you know of any resources, websites, or sources about company pension plans for family history research? The public and military pensions are great resources. I assume the corporate ones would be as well, if the information became public.   I have done a bit of searching, but can't find any myself.  That is outside of a couple railroad archives and I suspect a big roadblock will be private nature of these records.  Any information or suggestions would be most welcome.

I have no experience in these records, but as you are aware these large corporations have librarians and archivists (quiet as they might be). That is where I would start. Your point about private is well taken, they probably are going to be inaccessible, but you won't know til you try.

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