Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More than one way to skin a CMSR

I have been looking for military records on Fold3 and couldn't help noticing your involvement there. Consequently, I have a question regarding the Civil War Records. Specifically, I wish to locate a military record for William Carter who served in Co. C, 8th Missouri Infantry, CSA (Mitchell's).  The index for this company, however, begins at Cl-G!  I do have a Company C roster which does, in fact, begin with Adamson, Isaac. (I spot checked two other names from the list, and they were included.)  Putting in the soldier's name brings me negative results.
Any thoughts?
 try this:


if that does not work do this search:

William Carter

there is a single abstract card.
These are further comments that I would have made had I thought about them at the time.
My search rotation with Fold3 is Browse, Search, Advanced Search. 
So in this case no luck with Browse because the A - Ck is not listed. It looks like it was combined with the 7th by mistake.
Search for William Carter just returned too many possibilities. But with a little narrowing it was obtainable.

Advanced Search as above gets right to the record. Wish there was more than one.
Knowing when to be creative in index searches is a key element of a genealogists tool box. 
I am sure that we all have examples of records that we could not find using standard methods but found when were creative.
I think my favorite is using a neighbor to locate someone in a census.

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